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Commercial Law
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Banking and Insuarance Laws and Investment (Procurement) Laws


Bodies Corporate (Official Liquidations) Act, 180 of 1963

Chartered Accountants Act, 170 of 1963

Companies Act, 179 of 1963

Confiscated Assets (Recovery and Disposal) Committee Act

A.F.R.C.D. 25 of 1979

Copyright Act, 690 of 2005

Hire-Purchase Act, N.R.C.D. 292 of 1974

Incorporated Private Partnerships Act, 152 of 1962

Insolvency Act, 708 of 2006

Insurance Act, 724 of 2006

Internal Revenue Act, 592 of2000

Registration of Business Names Act, 151 of 1962

Sale of Goods Act, 137 of 1962

Value Added Tax Act, 546 of 1998